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Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone is a registered charity no. 1145455.

Registered office:
Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone
11a Denbigh Road,
W11 2SJ,

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Welcome to the Friends of Nixon Website

The Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital is a registered charity which exists to:

  • Raise funds in support of projects and programmes initiated by the board of Nixon Memorial hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone which promote the advancement of health and the saving of human life within the confines of the catchment area of the hospital;

  • To co-operate and joint fund such projects and programmes initiated by the hospital board partly supported by other Funders or Sponsors meeting the criteria of the Trust and doing so in a transparent manner;

  • To fund the training and professional advancement of individual staff approved by the hospital board.


April 2017 Issue - Friends of Nixon Newsletter.

The April 2017 issue of the Friends of Nixon Newsletter has been published. To access a copy of the Newsletter by Click Here

New Medics for Nixon - April 2017

An additional Sierra Leonian doctor, Dr Tamu, joined Medical Superintendent Dr Missa at the end of 2016.

Following the success of Dr. Tom Kenny's voluntary period at the hospital a second voluntary doctor, Dr Ed Monk, from the UK, has arrived in Segbwema and is immersing himself in hospital life.

With a background in infectious diseases he is keen to help facilitate improvements in the laboratory services and is also planning to engage in a project mapping the local area. This could subsequently be used as part of community health work, identify villages with the highest burdens of disease and also help identify areas that would benefit most from further investment in water and sanitation infrastructure.

Nurse Training School Developments - March 2017

The Nurse Training School is planning to offer new nurse training courses, (significant changes in the training of nurses throughout Sierra Leone are being planned)

New Classrooms on the Hospital Site

The charity has provided funds for the construction of a new 2 classrooms to accommodate future developments and we thank "The Practical Tools Initiative" who have assisted in improving computer provision and IT training at the nursing school.

Water purification project - Spring 2017

New Classrooms on the Hospital Site

We have provided funds for the purchasing of a water purification machine in order that the hospital can produce purified packet drinking water on-site for patients, relatives, students and staff.

The building to house the equipment was nearing completion in late March 2017.

Staff Training - Spring 2017

We offer our huge congratulations to Fatmata Conteh and Cecilia Kabba who graduated from their midwifery courses in November 2016 and are now applying their valuable skills at the hospital.

Together with the recently qualified Community Health Officer whom the charity funded, they continue to have a direct impact improving the health and livelihoods of the people of Segbwema.

Staff training remains a priority for the charity. We have just committed to fund a nurse to embark on a course for higher nurse qualifications.

Oxygen for Nixon - Summer 2016

Well and water pump on the Hospital Site

Many children who arrive at the hospital do so very unwell and late in the course of their illnesses. Giving oxygen to these children as part of their initial treatment can be of potential lifesaving benefit.

Well and water pump on the Hospital Site

The provision of oxygen can improve the chance of survival for children suffering from breathing difficulties as a result of conditions including chest infections and malaria. It will also enable improvements in the clinical training of nursing students by teaching them when and how to use oxygen.

Piped oxygen or the use of oxygen cylinders is not currently practicable, but since the completion of a solar project providing (almost) 24 hour electricity for the hospital, the provision of oxygen became an achievable goal through the use of oxygen concentrator machines.

Well and water pump on the Hospital Site

Friends of Nixon funded the purchase and transport of a new oxygen machine and tubing for the children's ward. This has now been installed and is operational, with children deriving immediate benefit on a daily basis. Following the success of this project on the Paediatric ward, the charity has subsequently funded a further 3 oxygen machines for the hospital (currently en route from the UK) in order that this basic and potentially life saving treatment is consistently available in other areas of the hospital, including the theatre, maternity ward and adult medical wards.

Air Conditioning for Pharmacy and Theatre - Spring 2016

Air conditioning unit on the Hospital Site

At the hospital's request, Friends of Nixon recently funded two air conditioning units for the operating theatre and for the pharmacy.

These will ensure that medications are stored in the correct environment.

They were installed at the end of July and are now functioning well.

New Water Well and Pump Installed - Spring 2016.

Well and water pump on the Hospital Site

The new water well and pump on the hospital site funded through Friends of Nixon has been completed and is now fully operational improving the water supply at the hospital for patients, staff and students.