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On Monday September 5th and Tuesday 6th a group of 38 met in the lovely environment of Holland House to share information, plans and hopes for that troubled country - a place very important to all who gathered.

We were delighted that within the group was the President of the Methodist Church, the Rt. Revd Arnold Temple who came over especially for this occasion. Also that we were joined by Bunmi, from the Africa Desk at Methodist Headquarters in London and Joyce Oshu-Williams,a local preacher at Westminster Central Hall and wife of the late Finance Secretary to the SL Government together with her daughter, Sonia, a barrister in Freetown. All the other members had worked in SL, mostly as missionaries for MCOD.

For the initial session on Monday we focussed on the political, educational and church situations. The Revd Arnold Temple spoke about concerns regarding next year's elections since people on the whole vote not on policies but on ethnic and geographical considerations.

He spoke of the special celebration in November to celebrate the first Methodist missionary arriving in Freetown 200 years ago but also the need for a re-evaluation of ministry, a moving on and over coming a tendency to over-dependency. The schools are still vastly over-crowded and still have to run a two shift system.

However a main focus of the gathering related to the Nixon Memorial Hospital , Segbwema, Sierra Leone a hospital very well known to many Methodists; a place which has owed an immense amount to the generosity of the Methodist people in UK

Many people reading this will know that the hospital has in the past had an amazing reputation for excellent medical care. However it is also widely known that during the tragic and pointless civil war the hospital was almost totally destroyed .

A great deal of re-construction work has been carried out but the hospital is in an area of great poverty; income is to a great extent dependent on what patients can pay. Though the nursing school is re-opened and doing well and the community health programme working nevertheless there has been little progress for the past 5 years

Because of these factors a small group of people have decided to set up a UK based charity named "THE FRIENDS OF THE NIXON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, SIERRA LEONE" ( F o N )

This project has the approval of the Methodist Church both in SL and UK

It is not intended that the charity will fund the day to day running costs but it will be seeking funds in order to pay for staff training , restoration of the infrastructure, purchase of equipment, "pump priming" of projects, transport etc. Since there are situations of extreme need there is likely to be a "Samaritan" fund. There is a vision of NMH being restored as a really effective community hospital

Money can of course still be channelled through the finance dept in London but we have opened a UK bank account and money requested by the hospital, if agreed by the trustees, will be transferred direct into the Hospital account (with copies of the transaction sent to London and Freetown offices and to the finance officer at the hospital)

If you would like to know more or if you would like someone to come to your Church to speak or preach please ring the Revd. Colin and Dr. Mary (Groves) Rowe on 01727 856474 or e mail m.c.rowegrov1@virginmedia.com

Dr. Mary Groves (Rowe)