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August 2016 Issue - Friends of Nixon Newsletter.

The August 2016 issue of the Friends of Nixon Newsletter has been published. You can access a copy of the Newsletter by clicking here

February 2016 Issue - Friends of Nixon Newsletter.

The February 2016 issue of the Friends of Nixon Newsletter has been published. You can access a copy of the Newsletter by clicking here

AGM - 28th November 2015

Friends of Nixon had a very successful 4th Annual General meeting on the 28th of November 2015 and we are very grateful to the many friends and supporters who were able to attend and contribute to the workings of the charity.

AGM Attendees

Photograph of those who attended the meeting.

Chairman's Annual Report 2014/15

Please click here to view the Chairman's annual report 2014-2015.

4th A.G.M.

Notice is hereby given that
of the
Will be held on
SATURDAY 28th November 2015
Notting Hill Methodist Church,
240 Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, London W11 4AH
From 12.00pm to 3.30 p.m.

Personal Information

Following reports in the Daily Mail and news headlines on Radio 4 on 1st September; I can confirm that Friends of Nixon has not and never will pass on details of our database to anyone else.

Everyone giving to charity should be aware of their rights under the Data Protection Act. An individual has the statutory right to ask any organisation what personal details they hold and to further demand that these are not shared or passed on.

The only people within FofN with access to our database are: the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Robert Dixon - Treasurer

Change of Registered Address

Please note that we have changed our registered address to

Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone
11a Denbigh Road,
W11 2SJ

Please use this address, from now on, for any correspondance with the charity.

Trustees Meeting - 24th January 2015

On 24th January a meeting of the Trust was held at Notting Hill Methodist Church and we are glad to report that the Segbwema area is Ebola free, the hospital is open and the work gradually increasing.

Money has been donated to help the families of those members of staff who died as a result of Ebola.

Once again we can look ahead to the future in helping the Methodist Church of Sierra Leone restore the work of the Nixon Memorial Hospital.

The Chairman's Report can be accessed by clicking here

The Third Annual Report and Minutes of the Trustees Meeting can be accessed by clicking here

Update on the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone

The situation at Segbwema and the surrounding area is totally appalling and utterly heart breaking.

The Nixon Hospital is virtually closed. As a charity we have sent money for protective materials but understand that 5 of the senior staff have died, of course there are no pensions for relatives. People are being confined to their villages as much as possible , there is widespread hunger, poverty and terror. The people really do not understand anything of what is going on and the schools have been closed for long periods.

The 2 nearest bigger hospitals at Kenema and Kailahun, each 30 miles away are the centres for isolation and at present are looking after 40 to 50 patients who need specialist care but their resources are very limited.

At the Kenema Hospital the principal doctor has died , the last time we had news his replacement is ill .

It is totally an unimaginable picture of horror. The charity "Medicines sans Frontieres" staff are doing amazing work, risking their own lives.They say that it could well take up to 6 months to control this terrible situation

We ask people to pray for the sick, the bereaved, the orphaned and also for those exceptional nurses and doctors locally and those helping from other countries.

We will help in the restoration of the hospital when that is possible.

Public Health England Fact Sheet - Sierra Leone and Ebola.

Public Health England has a concern about people travelling to Sierra Leone during EBOLA outbreak. They have produced a Fact Sheet in collaboration with TOSHPA to be distributed wildly.

We include a copy here to assist in that distribution. You can access a copy of the guidance by clicking here

Dear Friends of Nixon - 19 June 2014

We thank you for all of your prayers and concern and are pleased to report that, the rate at which, the Ebola cases reported within Kailahun District is minimising gradually.

Government through MSF is presently building camps at all the affected Villages and Towns to enable early treatment. Four patients who were admitted at Government hospital (Lassa Unit) have been discharged with a certificate of fitness.

The Ministry of Health has asked all Schools to start classes as all Schools has been closed in Kailahun District because of the Ebola disease.

Last week, the hospital wrote to the Ministry of Health requesting PPE (personal preventive equipment). As a result the hospital has received 800 gloves, quantities of Chlorine, gauges and few other things. Even though the supply cannot last for long, it will serve the hospital for the next two months.

We continue to pray that, this situation will come to an end in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear Friends of Nixon,

This is an awful time for everyone at the hospital and in the surrounding area as the Ebola epidemic has spread to within a few miles of the hospital from neighbouring Guinea. There must be understandable concern and fear amongst everyone that the disease will reach Segbwema and the hospital itself.

At this time can you please remember this situation in your prayers, please ask your friends and Churches to share in the prayers for this problem too. Many thanks on behalf of Friends of Nixon Trustees

Dear Lord, we pray for Nixon Hospital and the Nurse training school, the health care workers, their families and friends and everyone living in that area of Sierra Leone. We pray that the Ebola virus spreads no further and no other people contract the disease. Dear Lord, many people in that area suffered terribly in the Civil War and have struggled so much in their everyday lives since then, despite the peace. Please be with them Lord at this time. Give them strength, steadfastness, confidence and hope in the security of your love. May they know that your loving hands will embrace them, protect them and support them. We pray this prayer in Jesu's name. Amen.

New Trustee - Dr Ron Rhodes - January 2014

We are pleased to report that we have a new Trustee, Dr Ron Rhodes. You can access more details of Ron's background by clicking here and scrolling down the page.

We look forward to the skills and enthusiasm Ron will bring to the team.

Blog from Nixon Memorial Hospital

One of our trustees - Dr Robert Burnie is currently working in the hospital in Segbwema. He has started a blog on his experiences there and I apologise for not having posted a link to the blog before now.

The blog is very informative and highlights both the issues encountered with providing health care and the great difference your support has brought to the community through the hospital.

You can access the blog by clicking here

August Issue - Friends of Nixon Newsletter.

The August issue of the Friends of Nixon Newsletter has been published. You can access a copy of the Newsletter by clicking here

World Church Sunday - Hatfield Road Methodist Church St. Albans

Dr Mary Groves led worship with the theme World Church Celebration on 12 May.

Mary Groves and Francis Nabieu

The focus was on Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone. The Rev. Francis Nabieu preached on the inclusivity of the Christian way of life and our interdependence. He made a strong appeal for support and prayer for the people of Sierra Leone, particularly those in remote communities such as those residing in villages around Segbwema. It was a lively and well attended service.

To listen to Francis' sermon please click here or Right Click and save as to download a copy (20Mb)

After refreshments in the church hall many in the congregation returned to the church to hear more about the situation in the villages in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.

In a Question and Answer session led by Rev. Colin Rowe. Rev. Nabieu emphasised graphically the real hardship and almost inconceivable poverty of the area where stark choices were made daily between having enough food to eat, enough money to send a child to school or not. There was little money to provide transport to a hospital or to buy medicine and as a result very many lives were lost. Life expectancy in Sierra Leone was very much lower than in the UK.

To read more about the day please click here.

News in Brief - March 2013

Almost 4 years ago Hatfield Rd. Methodist Church St. Albans raised £3,000.00 for the Nixon Memorial Hospital when they had their World Church weekend.

It was decided to spend this money to help in the restoration of the laboratory which was destroyed during the war.

With the help of Dr David Goodall the lab now has running water and solar electricity power.

To see a press article on other Work David is doing in Sierra Leone please Click here

Two microscopes have been donated and with the advice and help of Tony Moody from Hatfield Rd. Church a suitable training programme was identified for one of the students to lead the Lab work.

The chosen student is just completing this 3 year course.

Money donated by "Friends of Nixon" has been used to purchase equipment for the laboratory which is leaving UK by container on the 20th March.

One of the trustees Elizabeth Conteh will be in Sierra Leone to supervise its transport to the hospital

William Hobson is currently in Sierra Leone, relating to his work and has kindly agreed to visit the hospital on our behalf to gather statistics on the Village Water and Sanitation programme, for which we have sent a first tranche of £2,000.

He will also be assessing the general situation and holding meetings with hospital and Methodist church officers.

Elizabeth Conteh is putting together a shipment of Teaching Aids for hospital Staff for which we have granted £1,500.

She will be travelling later in March on personal matters and is kindly following up with hospital training needs, while in Segbwema.

Mary and Colin are begining to withdraw from the front line of Friends of Nixon following what has been intense activiting over the past 2 years in forming and establishing the charity.

Chairing meetings will be shared between Doctors John Cochraine and Robert Burnie.

Mary will will continue with her co-odinating role and will be passing on some requests to other members of the team to deal with.

Both Mary and Colin will continue as trustees and attend meetings.

January 2013 Newsletter

The second issue of the Friends of Nixon Newsletter has been published. You can access a copy of the Newsletter by clicking here

Charity Cycle Ride for Friends of Nixon.

Three retired friends (Arthur, Derek and Rod) who now live in different parts of the country meet at least once a year for a cycle ride.

click here to read the full article

Text books from TALC (teaching aids at low cost based in St. Albans) delivered to the nursing school at Nixon Hospital, facilitated by "Friends of Nixon".

Two boxes of Text Books were presented to the Nixon Nursing School.

click here to read the full article

Sierra Leone Association of Nurse Anaesthetist (SLANA) Refreshers Course

A Refreshers Course - Up-Date in Anaesthesia was held on 1st and 2nd May 2012.

This course was held at the British Council Hall, Tower Hill, Freetown and was attended by Sarrah Kamara and Senesie K Momoh from Nixon Memorial Methodist Hospital.

A letter has been received giving an update on the day.

Click here to read the letter and to see a scanned copy of the original.

20th July 2012: Visit of the Rt. Rev. Arnold Temple, President of the Methodist Church, Sierra Leone

Rev. Temple was officially in the UK to attend the British Methodist Conference, held in Plymouth in July. He included in his busy schedule a meeting with FofN Trustees at Notting Hill Methodist Church.

click here to read the full article

March 2012 Newsletter

The First issue of the Newsletter has been issued.

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Charity Commission Registration

The Charity has been successfully registered with the Charity Commission.

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On Monday September 5th and Tuesday 6th a group of 38 met in the lovely environment of Holland House to share information, plans and hopes for that troubled country - a place very important to all who gathered.

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