Charity Information

Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone is a registered charity no. 1145455.

Registered office:
Friends of Nixon Memorial Hospital, Segbwema, Sierra Leone
11a Denbigh Road,
W11 2SJ,

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Project Updates

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Community work and Latrine Project

Since its creation, Friends of Nixon has always been keen to support the hospital's community health work which aims to address some of the determinants of poor health including inadequate sanitation. Part of this ongoing work includes the building of latrines in the villages surrounding the hospital. The use of latrines reduces the transmission of water borne diseases and acts as a focal point for the hospital's community health education work in which final year nursing students are involved.

The first pilot phase of the project involved building 14 latrines in 4 villages and was completed in 2014. The community health team are now working with a further 4 villages in phase 2 of the project who are part way through constructing a further or 22 latrines. Funds are provided for materials and the individual communities invest their labour and time into the project ensuring a shared partnership.

Friends of Nixon have, in addition, donated funds to enable the purchase of 1 new motorcycle and the repair of one existing motorcycle to enable staff access to the villages to continue this health work.

Future community health work may focus on provision of safer water supplies after this has been highlighted as a priority by the residents of specific villages.

Photograph of latrine Malehun village

Thomas Momoh, Head of Community Health work at Nixon Hospital (Far left) with people from Malehun village outside their (almost) finished latrine.

New Water Pump for Hospital Site

The new water well and pump on the hospital site, funded through Friends of Nixon, has been completed and is now fully operational, improving the water supply at the hospital for patients, staff and students.

Dr Missa, the Medical superintendent, reports already seeing a significant decrease of typhoid fever among the students as a result of the new water well.