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P.R.I.M.E. International

Pime International Logo
PRIME is committed to training, envisioning and empowering doctors and other healthcare workers to excellence in practise coupled with compassionate patient-centred care.

Over a billion people worldwide lack access to even the most basic healthcare, often because there are no healthcare workers.

Train a healthcare worker and you can help save lives.

Train a healthcare educator and you can help save thousands of lives.

Link to the Pime International website

The Community Global Health Network

The Community Global Health Network Logo
Community Health Global Network CHGN) was birthed in February 2005 as a separate, self-funded initiative of InterHealth Worldwide (Reg No 1103935). It is a global network of individuals, community health workers, academics, consultants, health service providers and church leaders who are passionate about mobilising effective primary health care in developing countries.

Link to The Community Global Health Network website

The Organisation of Sierra Leone Health Pofessionals Abroad


TOSHPA is a professional and non political think tank. Healthcare organisation of all Sierra Leonean professionals abroad, committed to providing healthcare relief services and creating ideas and policy debates which will shape the future of healthcare policy, practice and regulation in the country for a healthier Sierra Leone.

Link to the TOSHPA website